Kevin J Bayer

Developer. Musician. DJ.

dba Atech Studio / Architechnology, Inc.

STATUS: Not accepting projects



Welcome To College - Full Stack Developer

I develop and maintain this website that encapsulates all aspects of the campus visit, including visit registrations and ambassador management.


You, You're Awesome - Drums

Electronic Soul duo is the best way to describe this band. We began in 2008 and we released our most recent album 'You're Evil & That's OK' in Aug 2016.

Technical Experience

  • 2+ years Ruby on Rails
  • < 1 year Elixir & Phoenix
  • 10+ years PHP (ExpressionEngine, Wordpress)
  • Databases: PostgreSQL, MySQL, Redis
  • Front-End: HTML, CSS (Sass), Javascript (jQuery, Vue)
  • DevOps: Heroku, WHM/cPanel, New Relic

I've worked on/with:

Records I'm Listening To

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Sites I'm Reading